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Welcome to
Family Resource Center of Palm Beach County, Inc.

Classified as a non-profit entity with 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. FRC was founded January 29, 2020 by Dr. Elizabeth Rosado who currently serves as its CEO. She brings to the table a wealth of education, diversity of skills and life experiences obtained over the past 35 years in service as an administrator assistant in the public educational system; as an ordained minister; and as co-founder of a non-profit organization that has a local, national and international influence. Her entrepreneurial acumen has equipped her to lead FRC in realizing its intended purposes.

FRC's Vision & Mission 

is to offer a comprehensive educational program that addresses the challenges of low-income Spanish-speaking families in a holistic manner. FRC will utilize  instructors, coaches, and counselors to provide specialized training and mentorship in the following areas:


•    English literacy

•    Orientation towards citizenship

•    Education on the U.S.
      government structure
      and functions 


•    Computer skills

•    Health and nutritional

•    Therapeutic mental and            emotional health

•    Interpersonal relationship        and conflict resolution              skills


•    Personal transformation                     and development

•    Vocational consultation for                young adults in choosing                    career paths

•    Economic & entrepreneurship 

      training and the
      development of small                          business startups 


Parent Power is a 13-week, evidence-based, parenting program developed to build stronger families by empowering parents with the confidence, tools, and skills they need to raise healthy, caring, and responsible children. The program uses the Raising Highly Capable Kids curriculum developed by RezilientKidz and is based on The Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, which have been proven to increase parent engagement, childhood resilience and school achievement.


Family Resource Center of Palm Beach County, Inc. has received a grant from CSC and RezilientKidz to offer this program to our community.


The PARENT POWER program will start its second 13 week cycle on April 30, 2024.  Register early to secure your spot.


Other Services We Provide Are

•    Help with Forms (Immigration           Forms, Applications)

•    Notary & Apostille

•   If FRC cannot assist you, we will       refer you to other organizations       available in our county for the           service you need


Family Resource Center
of Palm Beach, Inc.

1900 S. Congress Avenue, Suite B

West Palm Beach, FL  33406


Business tel: (561) 318-6302


Business hours:  10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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