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Mission Statement

Train consultants to educate Hispanic low income families to develop comprehensive basic life skills (i.e. literacy, health, economic well-being, etc.) empowering them to become self-sustaining and contributive citizens in the community.

Philosophy and Vision

Authentic leadership is creating awareness of people's inherent potential, facilitating the necessary training and tools that will empower them to accomplish what they believe is impossible.  Our values include:  Integrity - Transformation - Excellence - Stewardship - Teamwork - Innovation - Family - Unity - Networking


  • Train life coaches/consultants/counselors

  • Provide educational programs that will equip and empower Hispanic families in basic life skills that will contribute to their holistic well-being:

  1. English literacy comprehension

  2. Therapeutic mental and emotional well-being

  3. Understanding and applying basic economics 

  4. Entrepreneurship education for families

  5. Education on health and nutrition

  6. Citizenship orientation and integration

  7. Education in basic technology (i.e. basic and advanced computer skills)

  8. Orientation and development for vocation and professional skills competency

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