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FRC believes these programs will empower low-income Hispanic families with the basic life skills to fully integrate and succeed within a multicultural, socioeconomic, and political society. Conversely, it will serve to decrease English illiteracy, domestic abuse and violence, and the crime rate amongst young Hispanic adults.  Indirectly having a positive impact on the judiciary, penal system, and public-school system, and bridging the cultural gap by reducing existing interracial tensions.


Help with Forms

Immigration Forms - we will give orientation and assist with the forms required by immigration office.

Applications -  We will help you fill out any kind of application you might need, such as, application for a job, rental property, ITIN, Medicare, food stamps, etc.

Notary & Apostille

Notary Public services.  Notarize signatures in important documents.

Apostille for authentication of the seals and signatures of officials or public documents such as birth certificates, court orders or any other document issued by a federal agency or certified by an American or foreign consul. 



If FRC cannot assist you, we will refer you to other organizations available in our county for the service you need. 

Services such as:

  • Medical care

  • Food stamps

  • Rental and mortgage payment assistance

  • Immigration

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