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FRC believes these programs will empower low-income Hispanic families with the basic life skills to fully integrate and succeed within a multicultural, socioeconomic, and political society. Conversely, it will serve to decrease English illiteracy, domestic abuse and violence, and the crime rate amongst young Hispanic adults.  Indirectly having a positive impact on the judiciary, penal system, and public-school system, and bridging the cultural gap by reducing existing interracial tensions.

English for Speakers of Spanish 

We will teach reading and writing skills in English.   An individual will have better employment opportunities with better pay, have the ability to communicate with child’s school teacher/counselor, be able to communicate with health providers, read food labels, etc.  The benefits of learning to read and write in English are endless!

Prepare adults for GED.  By obtaining a GED, it will increase an individual’s opportunities for employment as more and more employers, trade schools are requiring a High School diploma or a GED.   


Education on Health and Nutrition

We will train adults how to make better choices for a healthier eating lifestyle for themselves and their families. People with low health literacy are more likely to suffer from preventable illnesses and are less likely to practice healthy eating lifestyles.  


Education on Basic Technology

Basic technology skills are necessary for applying for work, filling out forms online, boarding passes and other everyday tasks.  This course will prepare parents to monitor the access of technology in their home.

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